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Co-op Spotlights


Skyler Nasrallah


A year ago, applying for co-ops away from the East Coast was at the bottom of my To-Do list. Nevertheless, I found myself boarding a plane to San Francisco after the holidays in January 2018 and wishing I could do it again every minute since. Between the company culture, the character of the city and the people I spent my time with, it was easy to make the most out of my time in California.

I had been applying to consulting co-ops at smaller firms in NYC when my co-op advisor suggested Riivos, a software company in San Francisco. After interviewing and accepting an offer here as a Professional Services Consultant on the Mortgage-lending team, I had little clue what I was walking into, especially considering my limited industry knowledge.

Within a couple months, I was meeting with CFO’s on my own and coaching them through the intricacies of our forecasting, budgeting and scenario analysis software. As the CEO is a Northeastern alum, co-ops in the company are valued and treated as any other team member in every regard. When I wasn’t working with clients or working on the models, I spent my time with the other co-ops and fantastic teams in the company.

I still talk to some of my old coworkers on an almost weekly basis and always find myself missing San Francisco and the people I grew so close with. This co-op was another important reminder that stepping out of your comfort zone will at worst, force you to grow and at best, reward you in countless ways for time to come.


Dana Dworkin


Since I first heard during my senior year of high school that Northeastern University sent students to work at NARS Cosmetics, I knew that I had to work there one day. When I got the job offer at the end of my middler year, I couldn't believe my dream was finally coming true! At NARS, I work with the Global PR and Special Projects teams. In my role, I get to help our international markets plan launch events, keep tabs on which influencers and celebrities are wearing NARS, and work at New York Fashion Week. The job is not always glamorous, and can be a lot of hard work, but it’s worth every minute to be able to see the ins and outs of the cosmetics industry. I’m able to see what products will be in Sephora two years from now and to understand the way they will be marketed to consumers. I’ve already learned so much about the constantly changing landscape of public relations in the age of social media and the way a brand interacts with consumers. Getting to live in NYC with an amazing sister as a roommate while working at the company I’ve always dreamed of has been an incredible learning experience that I wouldn’t change for the world.

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